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How Much Does Health and Social Care Cost?

Government spending on Health, Adult Social Care and Public Health is huge ( see Fig 1 below). However, and often to many people's surprise, unlike the NHS, Adult Social Care isn't free. Care is means tested to assess the financial ability of the care recipient to fund their care. This means that if you have sufficient savings and assets you may pay for the services you require regardless of whether you have paid National Insurance contributions your whole life. Your local council will carry out a financial means test.

For the means test, they will look at your income, savings and property to work out the level of your assets. If you have assets of £23,250 or more you will pay for all of the costs of your care. If you have less then you may get some help depending on your income ( see Fig 2 below for breakdown ). While it may be tempting to give away some of your savings or property to have a better chance of qualifying for free care, there are strict rules involved and you must avoid anything that could be classed as a “deliberate deprivation of asset


Whether you receive funding can also be arbitrary. A Which? survey into NHS funding data showed vulnerable people in England with the most expensive medical needs can be up to 25 times more likely to get their costs covered depending on where they live, despite a national framework for assessment. South Reading, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) area with the lowest level of people funded, paid care costs for just 8.78 patients per 50,000 people in its catchment, while Salford funded 220.38 people per 50,000. Although there is financial support available, the majority of people they will need to fund their own care, which is a major financial burden.

Live in care offers a huge financial benefit when compared to moving into a residential or nursing home.....you don't have to sell your home to fund your care! ........if you remain living in your own home the value of your house will not be included when calculating your assets.

Therefore when your assets fall below £23,250 you will be entittled to receive some or all of your care costs* and remain living at home.By staying in your own home you can continue to benefit from any capital appreciation in the property market and are free leave your home to your relatives.
If you chose to move into residential care then the full value of your house will be included when valuing your assets.
*(In an effort to promote independence those eligable for financial help can receive money by Direct Payments. Direct Payments are local council payments for people who have been assessed as needing help from social services, and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services instead of receiving them directly from social services.If you already receive social services care your local council is obliged to offer you the option of Direct Payments in place of the service you currently receive. If you are in receipt of Direct Payments you can purchase services directly from us.)

Live in Care from At Home Care - our prices start from £859.00 per week for full-time 24 hour care.

Full time live-in care is affordable and nearly always, cheaper than residential care (this is always the case when a couple require live in care).
Unquestionably, all forms our care are expensive and we appreciate that funding care is a major financial undertaking and we strive to make our fees as affordable and as competitive as possible. We are very clear and transparent about our costs, the price we quote is the price you pay there are no hidden extras.

At Home Care is a registered partnership which means we have no shareholders to answer too and the partners have a strong, vested interest in the workings and management of the business.

We are structured in such a way so as to minimise our fixed costs, we employ carers in the most tax efficient ways, we don't spend monies on expensive rochuresand other marketing material and keep our advertising spend low. We pass these savings directly onto clients.

Unlike most other care agencies we do not charge clients for carers travel, we do not charge a fee for an assessment visit, we don't charge the industry 'norm' of double pay for carers who work Bank Holidays, we do not charge a registration fee.

We do not claim to necessarily be the cheapest but we do claim to be the U.K's No 1 independent, specialist live in care provider. We have built our reputation by providing 'excellent care which is delivered by caring, compassionate staff at an affordable price.



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