For many of our clients their families are often experienced in looking after them but not able to do so on a full-time basis. Many are also managing their care on a budget that is often stretched. Therefore, we have developed the Family Support Package to help reduce costs and enable families to take on some of the care of a loved one without it being a full-time job.

For example:

Mr B in Yorkshire........ has a live-in carer for 3 weeks at a time, then his daughter looks after him for 1 week. This is rotated on an on-going basis and saves the family £700.00+ per month.

Mrs P in Kent.............. has live-in carers who look after her on a regular basis. However, three times a year her family stay with her for 3 weeks at a time and take on her care. This saves the family £6,725 over the year.

Unlike many other agencies we do not charge severance/commencement fees to stop and start live-in care, we just continue our existing admin fee, and are happy to fit in with families where we can.

For further details on the family support package please telephone 0843 289 4630.



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